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Meet Kassandra


What if the gift of your lifetime is not that you held onto something no matter what but that you allowed everything to be beautiful in its season, no matter how?

Kassandra Vaughn

The Bio 

I’m an author, speaker, and transformation catalyst.  I coach women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s on one thing that’s everything: rebuilding the Self. 


When it comes to mindset (and how to level up yours), I’m both student and teacher, master and novice, devoted follower and rebellious skeptic. I firmly believe and teach that when you change your mind, you change your life…


BUT… the key isn’t to change your mind once; it’s to do the persistent, consistent work of keeping your mind changed forever… and that’s where the catalyst part comes in. 


I’m intense and no-nonsense.  I call out bullshit and expect the best.  I don’t give excuses and I won’t take them so if you coach with me, expect to be told the truth, directed on the path and held to VERY high standards.  You’re capable of more and I will push you to achieve more.  


No guts, no glory.  


Oh and my favorite words are DMA- Daily Massive Action.  Take it, live it, and watch your life change! 

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The History That's made Me ME

Graduated high school at 16.  Graduated college at 20.  Was a professor at Tuskegee University at 22.  I've written over 20 books.  Created a powerhouse podcast and coaching business geared to women entrepreneurs.   ​

That's the overachiever story.  Would you like to read about the things that have really made me who I am?

I got married at 18 and had my first child at 19.  Struggled with 4 years of secondary infertility from 21-25.  Had a high risk pregnancy, a preemie baby and nearly lost him at 3 months old.  Went through a painful divorce and bitter custody battle for which I didn't see my 3 children (then 9, 2, and less than a year old) for nearly 3 years.  Went through a miscarriage, another divorce... oh and went through two foreclosures and lost way more than money in the guilt, shame and loss of making the same mistake twice. 

My life hasn't been perfect but it's been perfectly designed.  Every experience has taught me that life isn't perfect, that you have to go for what you truly want, and that your dreams are worthy of your time and you are worthy of your dreams.  Every loss brought me a gain.  Every gain taught me to be grateful.  I'm far from perfect and, as a coach, that is exactly what makes me powerful.  I fall, I rise and I help others do the same. 

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