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Business Coaching


Take a three year business reinvention journey.  Everything from strategic planning to designing yearly, quarterly and monthly revenue planning to creating content development, marketing, and public relations plans... and properly assessing the time and resources required to follow through. If your business requires systems, structures, practices and a personalized approach to growing your business, this coaching package will get you there.  It's time... (3 year business coaching program- 72 one hour coaching sessions)



It's time to restructure and refine your business strategy.  In this power packed coaching/consulting package, we'll work to refine your business approach with an emphasis on identifying the three to four core areas of business that require your focus, drill down to the key shifts that need to be made, and implement the changes required to take your business to the next level.  If you're looking to identify and make the significant tweaks that will level up your business growth, this is a two year journey you won't want to miss.  (2 year business coaching program- 48 one hour coaching sessions)



Power comes in developing the habit of taking daily massive action in your business... but not only taking daily massive actions but taking the RIGHT daily massive actions.  Fast implementation, the ability to change strategy on the spot, and the follow through it takes to finish what you start... all of those are skills required to build a successful and sustainable business.  In this coaching package, you get 24 power-packed, 60 minute coaching sessions that will help you objectively evaluate your current business strategy, assess the needs of your target market, and strategically make the shifts in your business that will get you to the next level of business success.  (1 year business coaching program- 24 one hour coaching sessions) 


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