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A lesson in knowing your value...

Daily Dose Audio Feb 9 2023.png
A Lesson in Knowing Your ValueKassandra Vaughn
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The Stand in Your Power Subscription

As I talk about in the above audio, the Daily Dose Insight (audio) will now become the Stand in Your Power yearly subscription.  With your subscription, you'll receive a Stand in Your Power audio (15-29 minutes in length) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning Wednesday, March 1, 2023.  

The annual subscription will include:

  • 3 audio coaching/teaching sessions per week delivered via email (at 3 am MT every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

  • A quarterly live webinar (and access to the recording) geared to a Stand in Your Power topic 

  • Exclusive discounts to other coaching and training programs that I offer (discounts ONLY available to those who are Stand in Your Power subscribers

Annual Subscription Price: $84 

(That breaks down to $7/mo)

Click the button to purchase your subscription today! 

FINAL NOTE: This purchase is non-refundable.

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