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The Focus Mindset Formula

Break out of Shiny Object Syndrome and Get Relentlessly Focused on Your Dreams!


Dear Friend,

You know what you want.  You have a vision for your life.  And there are times when you are ALL IN, laser focused and taking DMA (Daily Massive Action) towards your goals... and then the obstacles how up, life happens, and you start to wonder if what you're putting all of this energy into is the right thing.  Sound familiar?

Or maybe you're life is so busy and so scheduled that you want to be committed and focused but you are currently overscheduled, overworked and every time you try to get back to your goals, you are sidetracked by life.

I know the feeling because I've been there MANY times... and, after a while of the start-stop vicious cycle, after too many times of sitting on the fence of life and debating "Should I do this or that?  Should I go for this or that?", after way too many times of going all in on something, fizzling out and then feeling bad about not staying the course, I finally had to say to myself, "There's got to be a better way to live life than this!"

And there is.  I had to come to grips with the fact that if I was going to continue to try to be ALL things in ALL areas, I was going to live a life where I ended up being not much of anything in any of those areas.  I had to stop majoring in minor things.  I had to start saying 'No' to a lot of things.  I had to start consciously saying 'HELL YES!' to my biggest dreams... and I had to set boundaries that gave me both the time and the space I needed to devote HOURS every single day to my ONE THING... no matter how crazy life got.

I had to stop giving myself excuses of being too tired, too stressed, to burdened and too distracted to do the work and I had to get to a place where NOT doing the work was no longer an option.  I had to develop a vigilantly focused mindset.  

You might be saying "I try to be focused but my life is so crazy.  I feel like there's never enough time to do all the things I want to do."  I get it and agree with you which is why being able to develop the focused mindset is CRUCIAL to you achieving all that you were put on this earth to achieve... and there is not time to waste.

Life is short and precious and you MUST do what you were put here to do... which WILL require absolute focus... 


In the Focus Mindset Formula, we're going to harness the power of focus and consistency by:

  • Defining your top 3 life priorities and deciding your ONE thing

  • Creating non-negotiable, protected focus time in your environment and on your calendar to do the DMA (Daily Massive Action) of your ONE thing

  • Strategizing the right level of action, the key milestones, and the best (and simplest) plan to get you to the goal

  • Learning how to turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Staying the course when you lack support, resources, time and motivation

  • Sustaining your focus, especially when fear, self-doubt, and criticism sets in

  • Implementing the daily focus habits that will take you from averaged to extraordinary

  • And much, much more...  

Are you focused on your biggest life dream... or are you see-sawing between major life goals... sometimes working on one, at other times, following the trail of a new shiny object?  Are you ready to stop majoring in minor things?  Isn't it time to get clear and focused on what you want so you can achieve it?  What does it take to end the season of analysis paralysis and go ALL IN on your dreams?

Develop the systems and habits that will create an INEVITABLE ENVIRONMENT for your success... 

Who is this program for? 

You have completed both the Level 1: Elevate Your Life Training and the Level 2: The Beautiful Life Blueprint Programs. NOTE: Completing both the Level 1 and Level 2 programs are a PRE-REQUISITE to taking the Focus Mindset Formula program. 

Life is pulling you in multiple directions but NONE of those directions are focused on your biggest life dreams... 

You have the tendency to go ALL IN and strong when you first start pursuing a goal but then lose steam and fall off somewhere in the middle of the journey... 

You know what you want out of life but you don't have your life organized in such a way that you have enough time and room to pursue it... 

You're tired of making excuses about why you're not prioritizing YOUR biggest dreams... 

You're ready to get focused, to commit and achieve your biggest dreams starting now... 

Who is this program NOT for? 

You feel like you have no room to add more to current life schedule and you believe that 'life happens' a lot to you so, therefore, you can't control how you spend your time... 

You are unwilling to sacrifice time from other areas of your life to focus on your ONE thing... 

You're good with life being 'okay' and, if you never achieve your biggest goals, you're fine with that... 

You are waiting for life to 'calm down' or for things to 'fall into place' before you feel like you can truly have the space and time to go after your dreams... 

You don't like to be held accountable for keeping the commitments you make to yourself... 

What would it feel like to have crystal clarity, laser focus, and experience relentless achievement of success after success on your BIGGEST life goal? 

Join the Focus Mindset Formula program and learn how to decide your priorities, create a powerfully productive life environment and keep your dream at the TOP of your priority list... 


  • 10 Focus Mindset Formula training sessions plus the DMA (Daily Massive Action) workbook (Value: $2,999)

  • 2 Design Your Focus Environment Strategy training sessions and PDF Workbook (Value: $699)

  • Goal Pyramid Workshop and the Laser in on Your Goals Workbook (Value: $499)

  • The Neuroscience of Deep Focus Workshop and a PDF Worksheet (Value: $399)

  • Dealing with the Haters, Fakers and Manipulators Audio Recording and PDF Worksheet (Value: $399)

  • Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome, Analysis Paralysis and Decision Fatigue Workshop and the From Perfection to Progress PDF Workbook (Value: $399)

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