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Believe What Your Vibes Tell You

Vibes don't lie. Learn how to believe your vibes the FIRST time they tell you something...

Your vibes are meant to give you important information that's meant to guide your life. They signal to you when something's not right, when something is divinely timed, and when people and situations are not meant for you.

The problem?

Most of the time, we refuse to listen to our intuition. We don't heed the information our vibes give us... and we pay the price for not getting the message.

Vibes are Truth-Tellers...

Believe what your vibes tell you. Don't deny the signs, vibes, and energy you feel about certain people and certain situations. If it's not right, it's not right... - Unknown

Time won't change the message your vibes want to send you. You're not going to massage the information or 'give it some time' and expect a totally different result. When something feels off, it is... and it's time you started to listen to your vibes the FIRST time they tell you something.

How do you do that?

1. Pay attention to the message and not your feelings about the message.  What are your vibes telling you you need to do in this situation? Avoid that person? Change jobs? Leave that relationship? Focus on yourself? Don't interact with certain people? Forget about how you feel and remember what you deserve. Get clear on the message and the resulting action that needs to happen.

2. Let go of any ego about having made a mistake.  Very often, when we don't heed our vibes, it's because we feel stupid for not listening earlier. We feel foolish for not paying attention to the signs when they were right in our face. To hide from the resulting shame and guilt, we pretend like we don't have to correct our mistake. In some cases, we stay the course on a decision so we don't have to publicly show that we totally screwed this up. Don't do that. Your ego can take a lot of hits. Your life cannot continue to be based on a lie. Release the need to be right, to look perfect, or to not fail publicly. Better to fail in public than to fail permanently in your life in private. Face up to your mistakes...

3. Use this situation to show up differently to EVERY other situation.  The problem with listening to your vibes once is this: if you don't change who you are and how you show up to life, you may avert a bad situation by listening to your vibes this time but you'll show up to life in the same way you did to attract that situation and will get yet another opportunity to have your vibes tell you "Not this, not now..." You can avoid a lot of the need for your vibes to warn you by working on yourself, by showing up for life in a powerful way, by getting clear on your standards, boundaries and what you will and will not accept from life, and then showing up that way consistently for a long, long time. If you want a different life, you have to show up as a different version of you. Use your vibes to show up for yourself and be the best version of you...

At the end of the day, here's what's true:

Vibes speak louder than words.


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