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Why Play Leads to Success

Play is at the heart of creativity and creativity is at the heart of success. If you're taking yourself (and your goals) too seriously, in this post, you'll learn how to incorporate more play into your life and work...

As children, we played with ease. The world (and every aspect of it) was brand new to us. Everything was awe producing and anything was possible... so we played our way through life. But somewhere along the way, we learned that play wasn't a 'productive' use of our time and play went out the window... and there's a really BIG problem with that: play is at the heart of ALL success.

Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein

Play is KEY to your success at anything. From health to wealth, if you lack the ability to play, you lack the ability to think creativity, to take risks adventurously and to learn from mistakes and bounce back resiliently.

So how do you bring play back into your life?

At first, you have to be mindful about looking for and consciously creating opportunities for play. If you're brainstorming new ideas, pull out a sketch pad and colored pencils and draw your ideas (rather than write them). If you're working on your household budget, turn on music you love and take dance breaks as you figure out your finances. If you need to eat healthier and despise 'healthy' foods, get new cookbooks, find healthy food recipes that feel like an adventure to cook, cook food that looks way better than it tastes and make the movement into a new way of eating fun to pursue.

Play allows you to think outside of the box. It gives you the room to take your time, invent new things, and use your curiosity to solve any problem. That's much more fun that taking a logical, 'productive', adult-like approach to the biggest goals of your life. Can you get there either way? Yes. But you'll get to your goals way faster if you make the process of getting there fun and creative. Play is the only way to do that.

FINAL POINT: Even if you, like me, were never very child like or never really had a childhood, all the more reason for you to do the work of learning how to play. Just because you couldn't be a child then doesn't mean you have to rob yourself of the opportunity to play now. Play your way to success. At the end of the day, that's how it actually works.

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