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Rebuild Yourself 


a 12 week program to help you transform your mindset, reclaim your dreams, and become the hero in your own life! 

Dear Friend,

I don't remember my 20s very well.  I was a wife and a mom at 19 and, for me, my 20s were about taking care of everyone else... and I did that.  By the time I hit 29, I was in a place of re-evaluating my life.  Add to that a messy divorce and custody battle and, in my 30s, I was trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted and what all of that meant for the decade I'd created being this 'image' that I simply couldn't live up to or into.


I remember what it was like to question myself:

Is this really the life I want?

Whose life am I living?

Where did I go wrong?

Why do things not feel right to me?

Why am I still holding myself back and playing small?

What's got to happen for me to finally get to the part where I'm living MY TRUE life?


Those were the kinds of questions I asked in my 30s and, truth be told, I got some answers  but not much clarity. 


When I hit 40, I had a series of epiphanies.  One day, I looked down at my chest and, for the first time, I saw wrinkles in between my breasts... Now, to some, that may seem like no big deal at all and I expected wrinkles on my face but in between my boobs?  Those in-between wrinkles showed me one thing I hadn't been willing to face: LIFE IS SHORT AND TIME WILL NOT WAIT FOR ME TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER!


Then I started to meet women much older than me and talk to them about their dreams, their lives and their regrets and, before I knew it, I was discovering something about all of us that I hadn't yet come to grips with:


We were all 'waiting' for our time to shine and NO ONE was ever going to give us permission to have that.


So I made a promise to myself: NO MORE WAITING.  If I want it, I've got to go out and get it.  And if I'm going to both get it and keep it, I have to become the HIGHEST version of myself NOW... and that's where the Rebuild Yourself Program was born.


And I began the work of living Brianna Wiest's quote:

Just so you know, your best possible self is 

not always your most physically perfect self.

It is your strongest self, your most resilient 

self, your kindest self, your most determined

self, your most clear-minded and focused

self.  It is the self that can advocate for your

needs and enforce the boundaries you set

with others.  It is the self that honors your 

future instead of caving to the past.  It is the

self that is not afraid of what's ahead because

they are investing in what's here right now.

It is the self that is most true to who you

fundamentally are inside, not the self that 

you think would appear most attractive to

others.  Your best possible self is the self that

exists for you, not for someone else's eyes.

I stopped second-guessing what I wanted and stopped settling for what I needed.  I stopped living for other people's approval and started doing the work of falling in love with myself, flaws and all.  I started to embrace my darkness so I could finally live in my light... and, from all of this, the Rebuild Yourself 12 Week Program was born.


And I'd like to invite you on the journey with me...  


In this program, we're going to do deep work, including: 

  • Rediscovering your deepest desires, dreams and life goals and putting them back on the priority list!

  • Getting crystal clarity on what you want, don't want, and how to set up the boundaries, standards, and life environment conducive to attracting your Highest Good

  • Developing an unstoppable mindset that is resilient to life storms, toxic people, and the inevitable pitfalls of life (loss, betrayal, hurt, disappointment, anger, shame, and guilt) 

  • Living in a queen's mindset and reclaiming the throne of your life, unapologetically and without ever looking back

  • Learning how to transform self-doubt, fear, and procrastination into allies for achieving your biggest dreams

  • Releasing toxic relationships and setting/protecting clear, healthy boundaries with ease 

  • Creating your personalized Rebuild Yourself blueprint that will include the systems and processes you'll need to CHOOSE YOURSELF every single day for the rest of your life, even as you weather life storms  

  • and much, much more...  

In the 12 Week Program, you'll develop: 


 Feeling stuck?  Not sure if you believe your life will change? 



Join me for our monthly live group coaching calls and we'll transform your mindset EVERY time we need to. 


A 10 week mastery program that you can Netflix binge, do week-by-week or experience every single day in your inbox.  I give you multiple ways to take in the course content so you learn how to rebuild yourself at your own pace with all the training and support you need to get there. 


You will join a private community of like-minded individuals who have decided to level up.  In our community, you will be welcomed, wanted, and supported into the space of your greatest life.  Are you ready for a powerful inner circle?  You're going to find it here... 


You're a woman in your 30s, 40s or 50s and you've gone through at least one Saturn Returns 

You feel like you've lived a lot of your life to please and/or help other people and you finally feel like it's time to focus on YOU... 

You're unhappy with your career, friendships, relationships, or family situations and you want to be able to deal with those situations by being the MOST powerful you possible... 

You're contemplating making a MAJOR life shift (career, where you live, marriage, children, starting a business, etc.) and you want to build a life that can handle all the change and shake up that comes from moving to your next level of life 

You find yourself starting over at a time in life that you never thought you would be and you want the tools, techniques, and support that you'll need to reinvent yourself and reclaim your power...


You're a man. This is a for women only program.

You're under 30 years of age.  Let me blunt: you haven't lived enough to fully take in what you're going to get out of this program and your time would be better spent on a program that is tailored to your needs at this point in life. 

You're in a cycle of blaming other people for why your life is where it is and you aren't taking FULL ownership for everything that's happened up until now.  Yes, others were involved and they played a role but YOUR response to YOUR life has always been and will always be up to you. 

You don't believe you have the ability to change your life. 

You are surrounding yourself with negative, toxic, complaining people and you have no desire to distance those people from your life. 

You are a complainer by nature, find yourself throwing pity parties a lot and spend more time focusing on what's NOT working in your life than you do on what IS working in your life. 

You're unwilling to invest in yourself by purchasing this program.  If you don't think you're worthy of spending $5,999 for LIFETIME ACCESS to this program so you can create and sustain your best life, there's no way I'm going to convince you of that.  You have to know your value and you have to be willing to invest in YOU before anyone else will... 

It's time to change your life and no one can change it BUT you... So... let's not waste even another second and focus on your most important goal: REBUILDING YOU... 


  • 12 Rebuild Yourself Mindset video training sessions plus the Become the Hero of Your Own Life workbook (Value: $1,999)

  • 10 Get Your Body Back Fitness & Nutrition Mindset training sessions   plus the Fitness Mindset workbook (Value: $1,799)

  • 7 Take the Throne Back video training sessions plus the Claim Your Crown Guide to Owning Your Power PDF workbook (Value: $1,499)

  • 5 Turn Your Fear into Fuel training sessions plus the Overcome Self-Doubt, Indecision and Analysis Paralysis PDF Workbook (Value: $999)

  • 4 Rebuild Yourself Blueprint training sessions plus the Fierce Framework PDF Workbook (Value: $799)

  • A 30 Day Own Your Life Audio Coaching Program  plus the Design the future YOU workbook (Value: $599)

  • Understanding Your Soul's Purpose Masterclass and PDF Workbook (Value: $499)

  • Break Toxic Relationship Patterns Workshop and the Protect Your Energy PDF workbook (Value: $399)

  • The Perfectionism-Procrastination Trap Workshop and the Phenomenal and Imperfect Workbook (Value: $297)

  • Develop a Warrior Queen's Mindset Audio Recording and Worksheet (Value: $199)

  • Numerology, Astrology, and Soul Purpose Workshop and the Understanding This Lifetime's Spiritual Lessons Workbook (Value: $199)

  • Change Your Vibe, Attract a Powerful Tribe Audio Recording and PDF Worksheet (Value: $79)

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