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The Beautiful Life Blueprint

What if you had a step-by-step plan to creating the life you TRULY desire? 


Dear Friend,

Once you've completed the Level 1: Elevate Your Life Training program, you're in a different place.


You know who you are, what you want, and have a crystal clear vision on what that life looks like moving forward.  You can answer the question "What are your deepest desires?"  You can spell out your dreams and do so with no apology or compromise.  You are CLEAR that you deserve your greatest life and you are ready to work towards that life, even with self-doubt and fear in play.


It's a great feeling to KNOW what you want.


Now... in Level 2: The Beautiful Life Blueprint, it's time to get down to the business of strategically taking your life vision from dream to done.  And, at first, it's going to be uncomfortable.  You're going to have to look at where your boundaries, standards and habits live... and change many of them.  You're going to have to take a consistent, vigilant stand on what you deserve and on what you will and WILL NOT accept from others.  You're going to build an inevitable environment where achieving your greatest dreams becomes inevitable... and you're going to finally solve those issues that have been plaguing you for YEARS... namely "How do I say 'No' to others so I can say 'YES' to myself?  How do I create time and space to work on my goals?  How do I push past the fear and the doubt and my inner critic raging and do the DMA (Daily Massive Action) that needs to get done?  How do I get from where I am to where I want to be when where I am feels soooooooooo far from where I want to be?"  

In this program, we're going to answer all of those 'how' questions by creating the road map for you getting there.  It boils down to systems, habits, boundaries, and standards.

James Clear said it best:

A paradox of life is that the greatest returns

come in the long-term, but the opportunity cost

of moving slowly is huge. 

Long-term thinking is not slow acting. 

Act fast on things that compound. 

Never let a day pass without doing

something that will benefit you in a decade. 



The Beautiful Life Blueprint will give you the tools, techniques and framework to approach your long-term vision with fast-moving DMA (Daily Massive Action).  



In this course, we're going to do powerfully strategic work, including: 

  • What it means to focus on your ONE thing and how to restructure your daily schedule to accommodate doing that

  • Building out the milestone habits you'll need to develop to fulfill your life vision

  • Creating healthy boundaries around your goals and dreams

  • Learning how to communicate those boundaries clearly, concisely and completely

  • How to handle people who violate your boundaries

  • What it takes to create an inevitable environment for your life

  • The 4 critical systems you need to build before becoming vigilantly consistent in DMA (Daily Massive Action) 

  • and much, much more...  

Who is this program for? 

You've completed Level 1: Elevate Your Life Training and you're excited for the next step! 

You are ready to devote 1 to 2 hours a week going ALL IN on this program and the weekly assignments that will transform your life. 

You are ready to set up strong, healthy boundaries with people in your life and you're good with certain individuals not being happy with you because you are now going to put YOU first... 

You're willing to implement the systems, habits and practices that are in this program, even if it means waking up earlier or going to bed later for a certain amount of time.  

You KNOW that you can accomplish more than what you've been accomplishing if you have the right level of coaching, support and accountability (which you're going to get in this program).

Who is this program NOT for? 

You have not completed the Level 1: Elevate Your Life Training.  That is a pre-requisite to being able to enroll in this Level 2 program.

Your life is driven by whatever is going wrong on any particular day and you have no desire to create a daily schedule that reflects your priorities.

You are unwilling to distance yourself from toxic people, situations and relationships for the duration of this 8 week program. 

You'd rather argue for your limitations than step into your full power. 

You spend a lot of your thought life in the "Woe is my.  Why has my life turned out this way?" space.  There is no building the blueprint for your best life if that's where are you choosing to live. 

It's time for you to take the life vision you created in the Level 1: Elevate Your Life Training and develop the framework, strategy, and plan for taking the actions necessary to create that life! 

Here's what you're getting in the program:

  • 7 Redesign Your Life training sessions plus the Beautiful Life Blueprint workbook (Value: $899)

  • 3 Aligning Intention and Action training sessions: (developing vigilant consistency for your dreams) and the Intention-Alignment-Congruence Workbook (Value: $499)

  • How to Build Lasting Habits in a Busy Life Workshop and the 10 Life Transforming Habits Workbook (Value: $397)

  • Transforming Toxic Relationships Audio Recording and PDF Workbook (Value: $199)

  • Healthy Boundaries Masterclass and PDF Workbook (Value: $799)

  • Creating Your Life to Win Workshop and PDF workbook (Value: $399)

  • How to Organize Your Life Around Your Vision Audio Recording and PDF Worksheet (Value: $149)

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