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The Ultimate Coaching Questions Bundle

Are you ready for an All-In-One coaching questions bundle that will help you develop mastery level skills in asking powerful coaching questions? 

Everything you need to develop coaching question skill mastery so you can help clients achieve change, transformation and success!

Ultimate Coaching Questions Bundle Hero Image 1.png

What's included: 

A variety of coaching question guides, lists, and coaching assessments that will give you a wealth of resources that you can use when working with clients.  From coaching question documentation templates to a client coachability assessment, you'll find a large number of worksheets and templates focused on integrating coaching questions into your work with clients.  

COACHING QUESTION VIDEO TRAINING SERIES ($499 VALUE): This bundle includes five comprehensive video trainings- 'Types of Coaching Questions', 'Where Can You Use Coaching Questions?', 'How to Leverage The Power of Layering and Pacing in a Coaching Session', 'The 10 Biggest Coaching Question Challenges and How to Handle Them', 'Coaching Question Agility: How to Customize Coaching Questions on the Spot', 'How to Navigate Asking Coaching Questions with Low EQ Clients' 

COACHING QUESTIONS BUNDLE  VIDEO WALKTHROUGH ($97 VALUE): A comprehensive video tutorial that walks through how and when to use each component in the coaching questions bundle.  

Four powerful audio coaching recordings- 'How to Create Your Coaching Self' (20 min); 'Using Coaching Questions to Facilitate a Powerful Coaching Session' (40 min); '7 Ways to Use Coaching Questions to Get a Client Unstuck' (35 min); 'Mastering the Art and Science of Asking Powerful Coaching Questions' (40 min)

Price: $49

FINAL NOTE: This purchase is non-refundable.

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