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Your Own Life!
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Meet Kassandra

Entrepreneur, author, coach and motivational speaker 

I help my clients put their crowns back on.  You are the ruler of your life, the master of your fate and, far too often, we allow the circumstances of life to dictate the choices we make.  We settle.  We play small.  We tolerate things we should not be tolerating and then wonder why we're unhappy.  I teach my clients how to reclaim their worthiness, own their value, and rebuild their lives- one mindset step at a time.  Wherever your life is, you have the power to change it.  I help you see AND live that truth... 

From My Blog

Every Monday, I post on my blog.  If you're ready to face your fears, fire your inner critic, focus on your dreams, and rebuild your life from the inside out, this is a blog that was written for you.  Check out my blog posts below... 

Rebuild Your Life

  • Have you gone through a major life event and worry that you'll never get your life back on track?

  • Have you followed someone else's path for your life and now find yourself in a job you hate, relationships that aren't worthy of you or with far too many toxic family members and friends in your inner circle?

  • Are you done with being co-dependent, pessimistic, or a human doormat in your own life?

  • Are you tired of going through the emotions of life, feel like a hamster running on the wheel, and done with living a mediocre life that is no where close to where you said you wanted your life to go?

If you are ready to do the work of rebuilding your life, I can guide you through the process.

Click the button below and learn about Rebuild Yourself, my 10 week online program designed to get you off the sidelines of life, clear and focused on what you REALLY want, and on a path to becoming the hero of your own life... 

Let's get started! 


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Linda Harmes

"I have known Kassandra for over 10 years.  In that 10 years, she has been my mentor, coach, and dear friend.  As a non-traditional student, she mentored me to successfully graduate with a bachelor's degree on my 50th birthday.  A few years later, I experienced a tragic event that shook my world.  I was in therapy but it wasn't working so I reached out to Kassandra.  She then became my life coach.  Not only has she coached me through my grief but she has given me the confidence to build my own business doing what I love: writing.  As a friend, she supports me in everything I do.  I had lost myself and I wouldn't have found my strength and confidence if it hadn't been for Kassandra's caring mentoring and coaching."

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Mark Semple

"Kassandra was my coach at a period of my life where I was in transition. There was lots of moving parts and confusion happening and Kassandra's coaching assisted me in simply being present, trusting the process and focusing on the things that mattered. She incorporated tools such as Numerology, which has been a major influence in my life journey since. Kassandra is extremely intuitive and tells it as it is. I'm grateful for the coaching I received from her and highly recommend her." 

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Julie Corson

"Choosing Kassandra as a coach was one of my best decisions. It was 2008 and I had just moved back from Japan to Los Angeles. I found myself in a new city, a new relationship, a new (and very stressful) job, and I was feeling lost and insecure.  I had never worked with a life coach before but felt like I needed help.  I found Kassandra online, and knew during our first conversation that she could help me get through that first year of insecurity.  She did, but she has helped me with a lot more.  For years, she has been my number one fan, helping me set (and rethink) goals, holding me accountable, making sense of experiences (past and present) that were holding me back. From career coaching to personal therapy, she can do it all. She has natural empathy and understanding, but also moves you from spinning your wheels into direct action.  I’ve taken a number of her courses and am always impressed by how thorough, organized and motivating she is.  She really cares for her clients and gives them 100%.  Her advice and wisdom are invaluable."

Take the 14 Day Rebuild Yourself Challenge!  

and become the hero of your own life...


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