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I write books that help you face your fears, find your fire and become the hero of your own life... 

I write books designed to help you transform your life.  You are your only healer, your greatest expert and the only person who can design your entire life... and, sometimes, it doesn't feel like that. 


Sometimes, life feels bigger than we are.  At other times, we feel pushed and pressed, as if life is happening to us and not FOR us. 


I write every book with one thing in mind: to remind you that you ARE the hero of your own life, that the circumstances are NEVER bigger than your ability to handle them and that YOUR life, above and beyond anything anyone else says, does or asks of you is YOUR life and you get to decide how that goes.

As we embark upon this journey together, let's keep in mind two powerful quotes:

"I like stories where women save themselves." - Neil Gaman


"She wasn't looking for a knight.  She was looking for a sword." - Atticus

Let those become daily reminders of just how powerful YOU ARE... 

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Final Thing to Remember:

I give you the tools. 

You already have the power.



I've created a number of digital bundles, toolkits, and training programs with one goal in mind: to support the journey to the life that you want, the calling that is uniquely yours, and all the adventure in between. 

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For coaches who want to move in the direction of coaching mastery, click the 'Coaching Programs' box to learn more about the various digital coach training programs. 

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For individuals who want to find their fire, own their goals and master the art and science of working without motivation, click the 'Personal Development Programs' box to learn more. 

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Learn about your soul's purpose, calling, and how to leverage your power to achieve your dreams with a 1:1 Numerology reading! 

My Approach
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