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There is no fulfillment in living someone else's prescription for your life.

Kassandra Vaughn

I write books that help you face your fears, find your fire and become the hero of your own life... 

I write books designed to help you transform your life.  You are your only healer, your greatest expert and the only person who can design your entire life... and, sometimes, it doesn't feel that.  Sometimes, life feels bigger than we are.  At other times, we feel pushed and pressed, as if life is happening to us and not FOR us.  I write every book with one thing in mind: to remind you that you ARE the hero of your own life, that the circumstances are NEVER bigger than your ability to handle them and that YOUR life, above and beyond anything anyone else says, does or asks of you is YOUR life and you get to decide how that goes.

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I give you the tools. 

You already have the power. 

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