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Coach with Me

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Take a one year journey to the total reinvention of your Second Life.  Everything from vision to designing action to sustaining the results is covered in this Queen of coaching packages.  You have the opportunity to create an amazing Second Life.  You deserve coaching that will get you there.  This is YOUR time... (36 sixty minute coaching sessions) 


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It's time to reinvent what your Second Life is going to look like.  In this power packed coaching package, we'll rebuild your dreams, goals, and daily habits so you have everything you need to change the game on your life. (24 sixty minute coaching sessions) 


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Power comes in developing the habit of working on your dreams without motivation.  Fast implementation, the ability to change strategy on the spot, and the follow through it takes to finish what you start... all of those are skills required to build your best Second Life.  In this coaching package, you get 8 power-packed, 60 minute coaching sessions that will help you decide, commit, and take consistent, daily massive action. (8 sixty minute coaching sessions) 


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