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Own Your Goals Planner Pack

Are you ready for an All-In-One goal setting and management planner that will help you decide, take action on, achieve your biggest life goals?

Everything you need to to get clear on your goals so you achieve them with ease!

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What's included: 

A comprehensive goal planning system that gives you everything you need to reverse engineer your goals from decade to yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.  The planner pack includes a number of worksheets, planning templates, and checklists that will help you get your life goals clearly defined and synced with the DMAs (Daily Massive Actions) that need to be taken to get to your goals.

GOAL CLARITY WORKSHOP ($99 VALUE): Access to a 60-minute video training designed to help you gain clarity around the short and long-term goals you want to pursue in each of the four quadrants of life (health, wealth, spirituality, and relationships). 

OWN YOUR GOALS PLANNER PACK  VIDEO WALKTHROUGH ($97 VALUE): A comprehensive video tutorial that walks through how and when to use each component in the Own Your Goals Planner Pack.  

Two powerful audio coaching recordings- '7 Ways to Break Out of Your Goal Comfort Zones' (20 min); 'Goal Persistence: How to Stay the Course and Bet on You' (30 min)

Price: $97

FINAL NOTE: This purchase is non-refundable.

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