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The Ultimate Coach Training Academy 

Are you ready for the All-In-One coach training academy that will help you develop the coaching skills you need to become a powerful coach?

Everything you need to develop skill and confidence as a coach so you can build a successful online coaching business!

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What's included:


A twelve-week  multi-media (video, audio, worksheets, knowledge checks, and assessments) comprehensive coach training program that will help you build the coaching skills necessary to become a competent and confident coach in your chosen coaching specialty.  Enrollment in this the academy provides FREE LIFETIME access to the program (including any updates made to the program).  

COACH BUSINESS BUILDING BOOTCAMP ($799 VALUE):Consider this your portable MBA in building an online coaching business.  This program component will provide you with the foundational business education you need to start and run your coaching business.  Topics include business setup (U.S. focused), selecting a business model, developing coaching packages, branding, marketing, and sales, client management and many more aspects of building an online coaching business that is not taught in a traditional coach training program. 

COACHING CLIENT RELATIONSHIP STRATEGIES & BEST PRACTICES ($599 VALUE): Comprehensive video training and instruction on tools, techniques and methods for becoming competent in the ICF (International Coaching Federation) core competency of Co-Creating the Relationship.  This program module will include training and development on how to establish and maintain the coaching agreement as well as deep dive content on how to successfully navigate difficult client situations.    


A coach career development workbook designed to help you build clarity, make decisions and move forward with critical coach career decisions such as your coaching specialty, your ideal coaching client, certification next steps, professional development and a timeline for completing the milestones along your coach development path. 

ULTIMATE COACH TRAINING ACADEMY ROADMAP ($97 VALUE): A comprehensive video tutorial that walks you through how and when to complete each module in the Ultimate Coach Training Academy.  


Five powerful audio coaching recordings- 'What it Takes to Start and Build an Online Coaching Business' (42 min); '5 Steps to Selecting a Profitable Coaching Specialty' (30 min); 'How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset in Your Coaching Practice' (35 min); 'From Self Doubt to Success: How to Quiet Your Inner Critic & Unleash Your Inner Coach' (47 min), '7 Habits That Will Transform Productivity in Your Coaching Business' (35 min)

Price: $997

FINAL NOTE: This purchase is non-refundable.

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