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Do You Know What Your Goals Demand?

There's an upbeat, hopeful energy to the start of any new year.

The idea of beginning again, setting new goals, and doing a new year differently are all things that get people pumped to set goals for the year... and all of that 'motivation' lasts for about six weeks.

Typically, February comes around and, by March 15th, all of the hopes and dreams of a new year fall to the wayside and 'regular life' resumes its position of power.

So what do you do when you know that 2023 is meant to be different from you, that it NEEDS to be different? How do you keep your 2023 goals front and center in your life... even if what you've always done does its best to be what you continue to do?

Here's a goal management strategy I'm writing about in my upcoming book, Own Your Goals: Know what your goals demand.

Know what your goals demand... and then commit to doing what your goals demand.

It's so easy to commit to the idea of achieving a goal or living a dream but, when you put pen to paper and define all of the time, energy, focus and money it's going to take from you to achieve that goal, are you ALL IN or are you halfway out?

And therein lies the problem...

If you want to achieve your 2023 goals, go beyond deciding what your goals are. Pull out a notebook and a pen and write down everything EACH of your goals are going to require. Then go to your calendar and put the time blocks on your calendar that reflect the amount of time you will devote each week to EACH goal. Then follow through EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

That's the solution to the typical act of setting and forgetting new year goals. Go beyond deciding what you want and dive deep into what will be required of you to have that.

Decide, commit, schedule, and follow through.  That's the not-so-secret recipe to goal achievement.

And if you want to dive deep into goal setting and management strategies, follow my Amazon Author profile at >>HERE<< and you'll be the first to know when Own Your Goals comes out next week.

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